Management and Policy Working Group

The Management Policy Working Group (MPWG) provides information on ocean and coastal acidification (OCA) to inform individuals involved in OCA policy, as well as to provide a collaborative platform for these individuals. Many states across the nation have convened legislative commissions to study the effects of OA on their resources and economies, more information about this effort can be found here. In the NECAN region, states are at different stages of legislative efforts, which have been summarized in the table below. If you're interested in participating or learning more about the MPWG please contact the working group chairs, Beth Turner ( or Todd Capson ( 

Status of State Efforts

State Legislative Committee Status
Maine Commission on the Effects of Coastal & Ocean Acidification Ongoing. The report was finished in January 2015 and the committee disbanded, although efforts are continuing through the Maine Ocean and Coastal Acidification Partnership (MOCA).
New Hampshire New Hampshire Coastal Marine Natural Resources & Environment Commission Permanent & Ongoing. A report was completed in December 2017 summarizing the commission's activities and findings in 2017. Meeting updates are available on committee's website.
Massachusetts Massachusetts Commission on Coastal & Ocean Acidification In Progress. The commission bill has been referred to joint committee on the environment, no hearing has been scheduled.
Rhode Island The Rhode Island Commission on Ocean Acidification Ongoing. The commission is meeting approximately monthly. The RI bill can be found here.
Connecticut N/A N/A.
New York Ocean Acidification Task Force  Ongoing. A NY State Senate bill passed in December 2016 to create an ocean acidification task force. In August 2018 the fourteen members of the task force were announced and the first meeting will be held sometime in the fall of 2018.










Policy News

State News

June 2017: Congresswoman Chellie Pingree: "Pingree reintroduces bipartisan bill to study impacts of ocean acidification on coastal communitites"

June 2017: Bangor Daily News, "Lobsterman lawmaker wants $3 million Maine bond to fight ocean acidity"

October 2015: Portland Press Herald, "Maine isn't doing enough to protect Gulf from effects of climate change"

June 2014: Portland Press Herald, Maine to study impact of ocean acidification on shellfish"

Massachusetts February 2018:, "Ocean Acidification Threatens Our Shellfish"
New Hampshire August 2016: New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus, "Senator David Watters applauds signing of environmental legislation"
Rhode Island January 2016: ecoRI News, "Oceanic acid trip bad for business"
New York

August 2018: DEC Announces NY Ocean Acidification Task Force to Evaluate Impacts on State's Coastal Waters

December 2016: The New York State Senate, "New law creating ocean acidification task force leads the nation"

Oregon August 2017: Oregon Declares Ocean Acidification a State Priority in Recently Enacted Bill, SB 1039

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Meeting Notes

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